The Weight-loss Secret!

I have a secret to share, it’s called the weight-loss SECRET!

Please share this with the people you know and care for and those who have no F#!king idea!

…The secret is not a cleanse

…The secret is not cutting out gluten

…The secret is not dairy free

…The secret is not a special diet for your blood type

…The secret is not training 24/7

…The secret is not paleo

…The secret is not eating small frequent meals throughout the day

…The secret is not a supplement

The secret is…



People will either tell you through ignorance that there is a secret, or some will tell you through lack of ethics and deceit to get you to pay money for the latest and greatest.

While it is difficult to lose body fat at times, it’s not really complex – It’s about first, creating a calorie deficit.  This is the fat burner.  Weight training will preserve muscle tissue and as a supplementary, add cardio when necessary.

The secret is simply science!