What My Clients Are Saying…

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

I didn’t really expect to see any great results after what the Doctors had suggested was to be my future … but I think Danny had a different vision. He started training me slowly; he watched. I followed the plan Danny had set for me.  After training with Danny for 3 months and following his diet, I had my blood tests redone. All indicators were now well within healthy parameters.

I have said it before and I’ll keep saying it… THANK YOU DR DANNY, you have made a positive difference to the way I live my life, every day.

- Mark Clayton

Starting off in the PT industry at 17, 6 years on I know how lucky I was to work alongside and be mentored by Danny. He’s a true coach, a motivator and a teacher. Danny knows how to read an individual and get the absolute best out of them at that exact point in time. He taught me how to challenge myself as well as my clients and not to accept being average in any part of my life. Learning from someone with so much experience and knowledge has proven invaluable in both my professional and personal life.

- Will Grant

Danny has given up his time to help me, at times I can experience intense anxiety, Danny has taught me tools to be able to sit with this fear, see it for what it is and be empowered to think like an adult! Sounds strange – give his technique consideration and see what I mean. Not only has he taught me these techniques he encourages you to put them into practice by doing live streams onto his facebook page, that he gives up his personal time willingly to help others says a lot about the character and class of the man, I really appreciate Danny in my life! 

- Andy Lockley

Coach Danny – I haven’t always been into health and fitness but thanks to having Danny come into my life, I have found my passion, where I belong. Not everyone gets an amazing coach and it’s important to realise when you’ve got one.

Thank you for teaching me not just the skills of personal training but also mindset and life coaching.  You have taught me what it TRULY means to never give up!  You taught me to always see the best and to truly believe in myself. Thank you for being you. You helped shape me to the person I am today and I am forever grateful.

- Crystal Coomber

I first started training back with Danny in 2014 as one of Danny’s PT clients! One of Danny’s first questions was “Out of 10, how much effort and commitment are you going to put into this training and health program? “. I could tell by his serious but friendly demeanour that this guy meant business & loves his work. From that day forward Danny has completely changed my life. 

At 36 yrs, I am more physically & mentally stronger than ever before.  One of the real kickers in Danny repertoire is his ability to get 100% out of his coaching clients.

Danny Marriner is a guy I will always look to for inspiration, strength and commitment.

- Olly Hurst

Danny literally save my life!

- Emma Dye

I have been a student of Danny’s for over 5 years and I am unable to measure the value he has added to my career, and my self-value. His refined ability to show perspective in every situation and gentle way of encouraging ethics is why I greatly value any time I spend with him. Every discussion, no matter how seemingly simple, has a positive effect on my mood and attitude towards life.

I am 100% a fan!

- Anthony Lomax

Danny is knowledgeable and really challenged me. I am converted.

- Fleur McIntyre

Thank you Danny, for your time and effort…The knowledge and education I got from your group, I’ll treasure for life. I now know what my stand is – it’s bigger than me, bigger than any problem I face. The crisis and risks I take along the way will get me to the progress and development I need. My focus is learning to turn up each and every time, and to never hide out again. I’ll owe it all to you one day. I’ll always share your knowledge with people and will tell them about you – the best leader I know!

- Jared Simeti

I had been training for a couple years following all kinds of programs I would read in magazines such as Flex or Ironman etc. and to keep it brief I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted! I had a goal that I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition. After trying to search for numerous coaches with the right knowledge and experience it’s safe to say that Marriner Performance stood out completely! Danny helped me get into one of the best conditions I have ever been in. 

Taking my training and physique to the next level. I believe 100% that ANYBODY who has a real goal and is serious about making a change to their physical/mental state, you cannot look past the opportunity of working with Danny Marriner. Take a chance to make a change, I did it and so can you!

- Shaedon Hoskin

We have been training with Danny for over three years and have both lost over 10 kgs. We are now pushing and pulling weights at a level that we have never done before. We’re not trying to be weight lifters but the work Danny has us doing has made us healthier and definitely stronger. We now have real energy and are able to get on with our day to day life knowing we can do anything that we want to and we know we will get even better by following the plan … we call it the ‘Doctor Danny Plan’.

Danny keeps on changing the program, introducing new things and setting the bar higher. We really look forward to each training session with him.

We have said it before and we’ll keep saying it … THANK YOU DR. DANNY, you have made a very positive difference to the way we live our life.

- Mark and Shelley Clayton

I first met Danny as my lecturer for a PT course. I have to admit that I stumbled across it as a way to find something to keep me busy, or at least to help me be productive until I found my next step in life. I loved fitness and considered myself to be pretty disciplined. I had high hopes to excel in this course as I had experience with my sporting background as well as my current activity for fitness. Danny quickly taught me a whole new area of the fitness industry.

I felt empowered and enabled as I discovered a way to pursue my passion of helping others with their physical, mental and emotional well-being through the practical tool of fitness. For this reason I hold Danny in high regard for what he taught me and helped me discover. I consider him a mentor that I both trust and respect!

I have known Danny now for 10 years and have stayed in contact through the fitness network. During the course of knowing Danny I have learnt how far I had to go and how much more I needed to learn. This isn’t just because he knows so much more than I do, but because he himself takes on this attitude of always growing, always improving and always getting better. That there is no end point but a journey that you walk through to achieve the best possible result. Danny makes sure he establishes this principle within his training regimes for himself and his clients. Get your mindset in line and determine to give your absolute 1000 percent effort. Any less would be unacceptable!

This isn’t about him boasting how hardcore he is as a trainer but about him wanting to draw the best out of you so you can feel accomplished in what you have been through. I clearly remember the days of his training and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to endure. But it gave me such a sense of accomplishment knowing that I didn’t just survive it, I pushed through it! I was the fittest I had ever been! Now being in the fitness industry myself for the last 10 years I can testify that coming across people like Danny are not common to come by.

Thank you Danny for inspiring me and so many others around you. I look forward to catching up with you for you to torture me with another one of your sessions!

- Adith Lee

Danny Marriner.. What can I say. Fantastic trainer, mentor and all round amazing person. I trained with Danny over  3 years ago yet his philosophies, training standards and methods are still with me to this day. I live in Bali now but I can honestly say Danny has been a huge influence on my healthy, clean way of life. RESPECT.. That is the one word I would use to describe Danny Marriner!
- Narelle Moyle

Danny knows so much regarding health and fitness its ridiculously great if you are his client.

- Julie Jones

Met a few trainers in my time, however none have the knowledge or the presence of Danny.

- Braidy Cartright


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