The Cost of Playing it Safe…

What is the cost and sacrifice to others for you not taking action in your life?

“I’d like to succeed in life but I`ll work on my goals tomorrow – there isn`t enough time today” or “It`s my life; if I fail, it`s on me”.

Are you telling yourself this stuff every day? Is it truly just about you? What about those people around you, will they suffer because of your conformity?

“A man is no island,” said the wise man; and everything we do or don`t do affects those we love and care about. Are you playing it safe? Playing it small every day of the week, every week of the month till the end of your days?

In life, we either fully invest ourselves or we settle for less – finding excuses for not reaching out.

Have you ever considered the cost and the sacrifice it has on others if you do not pursue your dreams?

All those people that love and support you and believe in you are lost because of your hesitation, your procrastination, and your inactivity.

They all have invested their time and love to give you the space to create something big in your life. So no, your success is not just yours; it belongs to all your friends, relatives and even to those who are cheering you on from the sidelines, without you even knowing it. There are many people around you whose lives are deeply connected to yours and everything you do shapes their life, as well as yours.

Tips to push through:


  • Activate your potential and take control over your life.

Fully invest yourself in getting the most out of life. Only by taking actions will you build a momentum for change and success.


  • Stop doing things half-assed and hoping for a miracle.

The only true miracle that you will ever experience is your Self and your potential; exceed your own expectations…


  • Imagine the joy and happiness of those who helped you on your path.

They will also know that their love and support has been appreciated and acknowledged. Their lives will become better if they can watch you learn and grow and see that your life is becoming the best version of your dreams.


  • Whether you do or do not, there will be some pain involved, so you might as well go for it.

The rewards will far exceed the pain you have endured so keep on going…

When you’re ready to give up, remember the cost to others…

A true leader takes risks; knowing there is growth and progress on the other side…