Don’t Let Your Past Define You… …Let it become the inspiration which ignites you towards your vision! Many people get stuck mentally due to tough and challenging situations which have happened to them in the past. If you let your previous experiences define you, your future will be no better than that. Yes, life can be cruel sometimes, but it can also be beautiful – It is the magic of life itself, the core of it that you need to tap into. Let the magic happen by letting go of the past. You may have experienced a tragedy; you may have been abused or you may have experienced a betrayal like you could never imagine.  Holding onto this hurt, this shame and this guilt will offer you no favours, no rewards and no justice.  Ultimately, it will lead you into a world of pain and anguish. That which has happened in the past, is all in the past – leave it there, you cannot change it… Whatever you have experienced, it is important to remember that you cannot change it as those situations do not exist anymore, they only reside in your memory. What you can change now however, is your reality and your vision for the future.  You need to be rational and help yourself by choosing the thoughts that are good for you and those you love. You have to be aware that your thoughts depend on what you choose them to be. Decide not to let the disturbing ideas about the past bother you – Instead, make the choice to learn from it. If you had a tough childhood or made some mistakes in life, don’t let those events define you.  You are more than that experience, you are your whole self, you are your unique you, you are more than you can ever imagine… Let those past events become the inspiration to ignite your vision. Do you really want to be a victim whole your life, full of self-pity and low self-esteem? You will not be of use to anyone and especially not to yourself.  These past events help shape who you are today, learn to appreciate them for what they are and use them to propel you forward to ignite your vision and transform your dreams into reality. Use your gift to inspire you and release you from the burden of the past event. Every one of us is born with a gift.  In order to find out what yours is, you just have to take some time to look deeply into yourself to discover what this is.  What is your talent? What is your gift that you can give to yourself and the people around you? When you open your mind and your heart, without the burden of the past events, you will be able to set yourself free to figure it out.  If you constantly dwell on the past events and analyse your misfortunes, it will be impossible to discover your true gift.  So remember to choose thoughts that inspire you the most and push you forward into a world of inspiration and self-discovery. How do I train myself to live in the here and now? The nature of our minds is that we are always thinking! Our mental activity goes like this – “Thinking, thinking, judging, judging, judging, judging…”  Most of the time, we act on these thoughts automatically, which can be inaccurate or simply untrue – They can be digging into past experiences and trying to create meaning. Once we start observing our mind, paying attention to it with present moment awareness, tuning in and connecting, we notice how quickly thoughts come and go and we can stop allowing the mind to control us. There are many tools you can use to help you to overcome your past.  Some techniques are listed below:

  • Practice Mindfulness
    • Mindful breathing – focus on the breath
    • Mindful listening – listen to a song without judgement
    • Mindful appreciation – list 5 things that you are grateful for (daily, weekly…)
    • Mindful observation – focus on an object for 2 minutes
    • Mindful immersion – engage with every moment of your life
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Go for a nature walk – beach, forest, national park
  • Go to the gym and focus on each of the exercises
  • Set specific time aside to think about plans for the future –  solely focus on that, and not on the past
  • Seek the help of a loved one or friend
  • Speak to a professional therapist

All day, every day, we are thinking, judging and making decisions. Each morning you get to decide to be a winner of today instead of a victim of yesterday. Make wise choices, to push you through.  You can’t forget the past, but you can choose not to give it life.  Engage in some of the tools and techniques to help you – Do it for yourself, for your family, and for your loved ones.  If you cannot make good on your gift, everyone hurts in the long-run… It’s ok to remember the past, just don’t live there and let it define who you are and what you’re all about Your gift is waiting to reach its full potential!