Authentic Leadership!

Showing both parts of who you really are – both SINNER and SAINT!

All too often, people show us what they want us to see – the “saint”… this is the divide and separation between being yourself and being a Leader.

The Leader comes into a domain, space, an area; and shows people who they TRULY are, not just what they want you to see; not just that shiny “saint” side that some people crave so deeply for.

Remember this:

You cannot become an Authentic Leader without showing your vulnerabilities.

Leaders cannot come into the curve of life only showing one side of who they are.

The UN-authentic leader will collect, gather, store, and learn knowledge.  As they do this, they feel they have a greater risk of losing more in their world if they were to take a risk in front of others.

They don’t want to be seen as “not knowing the answer” or they fear that they could be seen as “foolish” or “unknowledgeable” or “imperfect” to others…..  For these UN-authentic leaders, they can only reveal one side of who they truly are as they are too worried about what they look like externally.  They are only showing up in the world of what they know – their shiny side.

The travesty is, the UN-authentic leaders then become a walking, talking library of what they know – they’ve done all the research, after all!  They are not what they do and they do not show what REAL RISKS they are willing to reveal in front of others.

An authentic leader is the combination of both parts, both sides – they are the SINNER and the SAINT – and they are not afraid to show it!

… They are not afraid of not knowing the answer

… They are not afraid of being seen as foolish

… They are not afraid of looking unknowledgeable

… They are not afraid of looking imperfect to others

… They are confident and comfortable in their own skin, they understand they are unique and have a stand that is greater than what people think of them…

I am a SAINT and a SINNER…

I am everything you like and dislike in others….

I am human.