Hi, I’m Danny…

I’ve been thinking for a while now, “where have all the males gone?”

I mean the strong, warrior, courageous male I knew not so long ago. I look around and I feel that we have either been diluted or diminishing. We are either hidden, suppressed, or have gotten real confused about where it is we fit into the 21st century as a male.

I want to give you the lowdown on how I came here without boring the hell out of you. If you’re like me, I like to get straight to the good stuff – but just for context, this will give you an insight into what I’m all about and how I got here.

I grew up in Taranaki, NZ – a rural farming community with beautiful people and a place I love. I am of Samoan decent, adopted at birth by European parents with five other siblings who were also adopted at birth. Four are of European origin and one half-Maori.

As you can see, I was in a rather unusual family dynamic. Firstly, my siblings and I were all adopted and secondly, most were Caucasian except for me. Within the unusual-ness of our family dynamic, there was also love, laughter, celebrations, sadness, tears and fear. I would often sit in my bedroom and imagine and dream what life would be like if I had the opportunity to live it how I wanted to. It would be a life filled with laughter, joy, experiences, and above all, a life on my terms!

My childhood years were the greatest teacher to me, being the youngest allowed me to sit back and study people’s behaviours. I developed a gift, an awareness, to be around all sorts of different people and the ability to connect and understand them. This innate ability to connect with others allows me to communicate openly and honestly, resulting in life-changing transformations, which I love to help people through everyday.

I remember life-changing moments which shaped me and my view of the world… 

At the age of 12, I was overweight with low self-esteem. Growing up in a small community in New Zealand, where talented sportsmen and athletes were the norm, I unfortunately did not fit into this category. Being overweight and unhealthy excluded me from lots of activities and things I really wanted to do. The sad truth was, my mind was willing but my body and low self-esteem prevented me from participating in everyday activities that most people do.

The day I made the change:

One day I decided to take the biggest risk but the most rewarding step in my life and that was to actually do something about my health. The biggest risk for me at that young age was to be perceived by others as overweight, unhealthy and unfit. I knew deep down that good that would come from facing my fears and stepping into my worst nightmare, all I had to do was take that first step.

Although I played rugby once I broke through my barriers as I got older, at that young age of 12, my background involved little-to-no team sports – I wanted to participate, I just couldn’t. I was the spectator to all the things I wanted to do – join a gym, play sports, wear certain clothes and participate in fitness activities. I grew up on all the wrong foods, plus my family owned a cake shop which made it even more difficult. My diet consisted of eating a lot of pies, chips, lollies, soft drinks, you name it! I was a result of everything I ate and my sedentary lifestyle.

Then one day I took the biggest risk of my life – the thing I feared most – I joined a gym at 14. It has been many years ago now since I first took that step into the gym, but it’s as fresh today as it was 20-plus years ago. I made the promise all those years ago, the moment I first stepped into the gym, that I would do this for the rest of my life – to better myself. And I would also help and encourage others to take that same leap of faith.

I have learned from my own past experiences what is required to create a long-lasting transformation in your own life. Above all else, I enjoy seeing and helping others make the step into transforming their lives and experiencing the many benefits physical activity, mental stimulation and mindset offers. I understand and connect with people who are ready to make that step, as I was once there myself.

My intention is to take you from wherever you are in your life right now, to truly fulfil your highest potential whether through your health, physique, how you feel or your personal leadership development skills so that you can operate at your highest level.

How I got here…

My passion is in the areas of mental fitness and physical transformation.  I offer personal training, strength coaching, nutrition, hormonal profiling, empowerment coaching, lecturing and public speaking services. For the past 20+ years, I have helped hundreds of people understand what they want to do in life, achieve their goals and get into the shape of their lives (whether it’s mentally or physically).

My enjoyment in helping and empowering others is fuelled by seeing and producing life-changing results for others as I have experienced myself. When you improve your health (both mind and body), not only will you add more quality to your years but also more quantity to your years.

I have studied at a university level as well as completed countless workshops and seminars around the world, learning and studying under the best in the fitness industry and have also learnt from the greatest teachers regarding professional and personal development. These two areas of expertise have allowed me to create alignment in both the physical and mental well-being of my clients.

Residing in Perth, Australia, I offer both face to face and online training and coaching programs so that I can help you anywhere in the world!

My biggest gift to you and the biggest gift you can give yourself is the ability to be the person you have always wanted to be, by aligning to purpose!

Greatest accomplishments…


  • 20+ years in the fitness industry
  • 10+ years in personal leadership development
  • Ongoing research to keep on-the-pulse with the latest in exercise science, strength and mindset coaching
  • Guest speaker for events and industry certifications
  • Co-Founder of M-POWER events
  • Bodyguard to Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Travelling the world to meet my mentors and learning from the best, including Dr Eric Thomas, Dr John Demartini, Dr Wayne Dyer, Charles Poliquin

Quote that I live by…

“To lead people, walk beside them… When the best leader’s work is done the people say,

We did it ourselves!”

– Lao Tzu

What my clients are saying…

I didn’t really expect to see any great results after what the Doctors had suggested was to be my future … but I think Danny had a different vision. He started training me slowly; he watched. I followed the plan Danny had set for me.  After training with Danny for 3 months and following his diet, I had my blood tests redone. All indicators were now well within healthy parameters.

I have said it before and I’ll keep saying it… THANK YOU DR DANNY, you have made a positive difference to the way I live my life, every day.

- Mark Clayton

Met a few trainers in my time, however none have the knowledge or the presence of Danny.

- Braidy Cartwright

Danny has challenged me to look at my whole self, not just see anxiousness or depression but a way forward – to see all of me and be me. Thank you.

- Andy Lockley

Danny is knowledgeable and really challenged me. I am converted.

- Fleur McIntyre