Stand Tall &
End the F*%KERY!

Are you someone who needs more courage, confidence, direction and inspiration?

(or maybe a kick up the A**? We all need it… I did!)

Learn how to become a powerhouse in your own right!

Many people underestimate themselves or don’t realise their own potential and how powerful they can be. As a result, they settle for less…

Courage, confidence, direction and inspiration will get you on the path to really stand tall and be powerful.

So, if you’re someone who is performing below your best, who knows you can achieve more, and be more… this workshop is calling you to stand tall and reach your potential!

What you learn

How to end the unconscious F*%KERY, nonsense stories and beliefs which are holding you back from fulfilling your potential and how stepping up and challenging these old beliefs and perceptions will improve your life

Understand how to OWN YOUR TRAITS and be the hero of your own story by stepping into the unknown space to drive action and become your own powerhouse

Get CREATIVE using a BLANK CANVAS to fill your own inspiring and purposeful future – with the courage and self-belief to go on your own journey!





Sunday, 4th August 2019

Doors opens at 12.50pm for a 1pm start and concludes at 3pm.


The event will be hosted at HEATHCOTE CULTURAL PRECINCT
Swan House Community Room 58 Duncraig Road, Applecross WA 6153

This is not a rara, feel good, dance around hugging event. This is a 2 hour workshop dedicated to teach you knowledge and give you tools to apply and take action –  causing a massive and changing effect in your life!

Join us for this session of empowerment and inspiration, not to be missed!

Danny Marriner

Motivation & Performance Coach


Empowerment Coach, Danny Marriner, student of and mentored by some of the greatest teachers in personal development including Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Eric Thomas, John Demartini and Henare O’Brien promotes his M-POWER events for all the magnificent men and women who are ready to be the leader they were born to be!

“I am here to empower you to step up for yourself, your family and your friends. When you step up, you will encourage and inspire not only yourself, but those around you; and when empowered, you create more opportunities and you become a magnet to which people are drawn and attracted to…” – Danny Marriner

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