CRUSH Conditioning

What is it?

CRUSH is a metabolic conditioning training session – the toughest outdoor training, PERIOD.

Who is it for?

This is an exclusive group for those who want to test their mental and physical abilities; those who are taking their fitness, fat-loss, mental and physical conditioning to the highest level!  Invitations to the group for future training sessions are only offered to participants who give 100% effort – it’s part of the honesty policy…


You will finally feel what 100% training intensity is really like – stand amongst the few that can endure such a feat.

Who is it NOT for?

The Weak!


First session – $80; Subsequent sessions – $20

Danny has challenged me to look at my whole self, not just see anxiousness or depression but a way forward – to see all of me and be me. Thank you.

- Andy Lockley

Danny literally saved my life!

- Emma Dye